Terms for US-Based Accredited Investors

1) This opportunity is a debt investment in ServerCube Inc.


2) This investment yields a recurring return of 2.5% per month each month after the first 60 days (please read the “Risks” section for further details).


3) ServerCube charges a 1% maintenance fee, which is deducted from the principal on deposit.  No other commissions or fees will be paid if the notes are held for at least 8 months and maximum of 15 months.


4) In order to recover your principal without penalty, you must give 60 days notice, and have been invested for at least 8 months at the end of the 60 day notice period.


5) If the principal is withdrawn early, it will be returned minus the value of any previous interest payments.


6) ServerCube retains the option to return principal and prorated interest at any time with 24 hours’ notice.


7) The minimum investment for this opportunity is $10,000 USD.


8) Please request and review our Private Placement Memorandum and the included form of Note for more details regarding the terms of any potential investment prior to making an investment decision.

Risks for US-Based Accredited Investors

1) ServerCube is a startup company with patented IP in the US. All startups carry some inherent risk, and are subject to unpredictable externalities. It is possible for a startup enterprise to unexpectedly fail. In such a case, the principal invested could be lost.


2) A dividend capture strategy could fail in the case of a catastrophic failure of the US equities market, or in the event that specific US firms defaulting on dividend payments. In these cases, the principal invested could be lost.


3) Past success is not a guarantee of future performance. Despite past testing and performance in excess of 2.5%, ServerCube’s dividend capture strategy may fail on any given month to produce a 2.5% return. If this happens, the actual return generated would be returned to investors.

4) For a more thorough discussion of the risks involved in an investment in ServerCube, please see our Private Placement Memorandum.

Disclosures for US-Persons

*Accredited Investors Only!* Past performance is no guarantee of future results. An offer to buy or sell ServerCube's debt notes can only be made through ServerCube’s Private Placement Memorandum, which can be obtained by contacting ServerCube at +1.888.982.9760 or at [www.ServerCube.io]. Read it first, including the “Risk Factors” section, and invest wisely. All investments can lose value, including loss of principal.  ServerCube, Inc. is not an Investment Company, as defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940, and plans to ensure that it will not be an Investment Company at any time.  This offer is open to Accredited Investors only and is offered pursuant to Rule 506(c) under the Securities Act of 1933.

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